Rukhsana Foundation School, Lahore, Mar3,2016
Distribution of Solar LED Lanterns to The Best Performing Students of Rukhsana Foundation Welfare School.
Dated: Thursday March 03, 2016
Location: Model Town Lahore.
Project: Pehli Kiran

Motivation plays an important role in the grooming of students. Motivation energizes, directs and sustains behavior of the students. Simultaneously motivation involves goals & activities that develop key skills in the students to set up goals and plan actions to achieve them. As a mean of encouragement, Mr. Pervaiz Lodhie founder and president of “ LEDtronics Inc.” and “Shaan Technologies Private Limited” visited the “Rukhsana Foundation Welfare School on March 3, 2016 and distributed Solar Powered Lanterns to 18 best performing students in 3 categories i.e.
Best performance in studies
Best attendance and
Best class participation
Aim of this activity is to motivate students to perform better as well as to create a positive competition among the student to achieve better results. During the event Solar lanterns were distributed only to the selected students. Later Pervaiz Lodhie offered the same lanterns to 30 teachers and staff members as a token of appreciation for running one of the best elementary schools in the town.
Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq Tahirkheli, Chairperson of Rukhsana Foundation started this elementary school in January 2008 for the underprivileged children whose families could not afford to educate them. Besides education all school supplies and facilities are provided to students free of cost. Many of these children collect garbage in order to supplement their parents’ income, and one of our goals is to provide them with basic skills and crafts that can qualify them to work and earn money in a safe and healthy way.The school not only provides a basic, elementary level of education to the children, but also teaches them basic social skills and manners so that they get prepared to compete in the real world. These skills include general personal hygiene, prevention of basic illnesses and Moral Sciences. Essential medical check-ups and vaccination is also provided to all students, free of charge.
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