Basketball at Umerkot School Jan2014
Lodhie Foundation sets up Basketball at Chhor Boys High School in Umerkot District of Sindh Province in Pakistan on Jan29, 2014

The Basketball system was built, installed and game initiated by the fine team of Shaantech KEPZ Karachi in collaboration with students, teachers, staff of the Chhor Boys school. This team game initiative is part of our poverty alleviation and human development work being introduced in many unprivilaged rural areas and villages of Sindh as a start.

Team sports are equally as important as education in developing world class citizens.

Why I picked Basketball Halfcourt to Sindh villages and now schools. 1) All ages have fun playing it 2) Can be set up in any small area of village, home, school or factory 3) Very low cost set up and material 4) Very easy to learn to play 5) Teaches teamwork to win 6) Teaches you to stay focused, be unselfish 7) Gives very healthy exercise 8) Length of game only 1 hour or less 9) Encourages and allows participation of family, friends, teachers
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