Water Pumps Quench Village Thirst
Water Pumps Quench Village Thirst

10 Red Hand Pumps gifted and installed in various villages of Sehwan Sharif, Dadu District, Sindh Province, Pakistan.

Project installation started from early 2011 and completed 2013.

Logistics, cost of installations, program implementation and oversight by Dr Syed Raza Mehdi Shah Subzwari of Sehwan Sharif.

Red Hand Pumps gifted by Lodhie Foundation under Pervaiz Lodhie Global Citizenship initiative for human development and poverty alleviation in under privileged rural areas of Pakistan


Water Hand Pumps installed around the town of SEHWAN SHARIF, SINDH. PAKISTAN
2 in Goth Sadiq Sehto, population 120
1 in Goth Dodo Mahar, population 200
2 in Goth Karaniyoon, Population 150
2 in Goth Ahmad Brohi, population 120
1 in Deh Chach Kacho, population 50
1 in Goth Kachi, population 130
1 in Baajaara, population 200
Total population benefiting 970 approx.
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