Basketball Half-Court in Badin village May12, 2012
Basketball Half-court in Badin village May12, 2012
Village Deenar Khan Talpur 35km south of Badin, Province of Sindh, Pakistan
First ever rural village Basketball initiative inaugurated by Pervaiz Lodhie of LEDtronics USA and ShaanTech KEPZ Karachi Pakistan.
Baskeball equipment funded and installed in village Deenar Khan Talpur and village Ramazan Mallah by ShaanTech.
Games Promotion Among Youth by UNDP GEF SGP
Supported by NGOs LEAF (Larr Environmental Awareness Forum) and IDF (Indus Development Forum)
Present at the inauguration:
Pervaiz Lodhie, LEDtronics USA
Nazim Haji, Infaq and Aitemaad Pakistan
Masood Lohar, UNDP GEF SGP Pakistan
Shahid Siddiqui, ShaanTech Pakistan
Nawaz Khatti, LEAF Pakistan
Abbas Khoso, IRADO Pakistan
Hameed Sabzoi, IDF Pakistan
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