Solar LED Lights at Ranikot Fort June4, 2010
Solar LED Lights at Ranikot Fort June4, 2010
UNESCO World Heritage site
Jamshoro District, Sindh Pakistan
“Pehli Kiran” Solar Charged LED Lighting By Pervaiz Lodhie as part of socio-economic poverty alleviation program in Rural Pakistan empowering the poor. Project arranged and facilitated by Pir Dr Syed Raza Mehdi Shah Subzwari, Sajjada Nashin, Qalandar Lal Shabaz, Sehwan Sharif in Dadu District of Sindh Pakistan
Solar powered LED lights and cell charging designed and manufactured by LEDtronics USA and ShaanTech Pakistan.
All lights and charging systems installed by Shaantech team headed by Shahid Siddiqi. First phase was June 4th 2010 and second pgase JUly 5th 2010. All 22 homes behind the main gate of the Fort were provided with these lights
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