Jhpiego Midwife Clinic Thatta, Sindh Mar13,2015
JHPIEGO/MCHIP Midwife Clinic Thatta, Sindh
Visited: Mar13th, 2015
By: Pervaiz Lodhie of LEDtronics USA and Shaantech KEPZ Pakistan

A Jhpiego / Mchip Midwife Initiative in Pakistan.

Jhpiego: Johns Hopkins Program for International Education in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Mchip: Maternal and Child Health Integrated Porgram

Midwife: Zoriat Ali owner/incharge

Location: Haji Usman Hebo Village. About 11 km from Makli in Thatta District.

Clinic Started Oct 2014. This is one of about 200 being handed over to trained midwifes under the Jhpiego/Mchip program. The clinic is now about 6 months old. I am told that this the most successful of the 9 Mchip midwife clinics initially started as it has solar powered LED lights, medicine dc refrigerator, dc fan and portable LED lanterns which were gifted under the "Kavalcare" Lodhie Foundation initiative.
Mother and child care and births are taking care and already many lives are being saved. Though this clinic was meant to support population within 5 to 10 mile distance, Midwife Zoriat's quality of work and popularity is making patients come from as far as 30km as I was told by Zoriat Ali.
I met the mother with the healthy baby son born in this clinic 6 months ago.
Zoriat Ali has already built two residential room home all at her own cost and effort attached to this one room clinic. She plans to build a separate delivery room attached to the clinic.
I can see the area around the clinic develop due to Zoriat's efforts and help from Jhpiego/Mchip
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