Francis Buchanan White Hemiptera Collection
This set contains high-resolution images of the 38 drawers of non-British material in the Francis Buchanan White collection of Hemiptera. The collection is currently being catalogued (about 2/3 completed as I write this). Please don't comment on the horrible state of some of the drawers and cramped unit trays - as a part of the project we hope to rehouse it in modern cabinets and replace the worst of the trays.

Francis Buchanan White has been described as "one of the greatest naturalists Scotland has ever produced". While he worked most of the groups he was interested in locally, he decided that he'd tackle the Hemiptera (true bugs) on a worldwide basis. He obtained specimens by correspondence. Although most of the type specimens of the new species he described, along with about a third of the collection, was given to the Natural History Museum in London in the 1930s and 1950s the remaining portion of the collection still contains some scientifically important specimens. Of particular interest are about 400 specimens collected by Alfred Russel Wallace in the Malay Archipelago and a series of specimens collected by James Trail in the Amazon that have good data associated with them once it has been decoded.

Once the catalogue has been compiled and the collection curated an updated series of images will be uploaded (probably early next year).
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