1st DOWNTOWN HOLIDAY MARKET 2005 / Washington DC
See www.easternmarket.net/pr/pr_121505.htm

Almost one year ago, on New Years Ever, 31 December 2004, I would began photographing the demolition and redevelopment process of the Old Convention Center site www.flickr.com/photos/perspective/12454027/

Remembering then that it had been less than 20 years before, in the spring of 1985, that I would begin working in the accounting office at the then newly opened DC Convention Center I would comment, in my writings, that over the past 35 years I had seen the demolition and redevelopment of several areas in WDC, at least twice. And, in some cases, three times.

Over the months since, often on Sunday afternoons, I have revisited this area to document its demolition process. As well as the demolition, escavation and now redevelopment of the 1101 New York Avenue complex www.flickr.com/photos/perspective/search/tags:1101newyork.... Which is just one block north west.

So, when I heard news, lst week, that Downtown DC had created a Downtown Market for the holiday season I made a mental note to revisit the site during my next Sunday Photo Walk.


UNDER CONSTRUCTION . 12 December 2005

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