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Helen Keller photographs from the Collection of Nella Braddy Henney- Keller's longtime friend and editor at Doubleday. Henney is also Anne Sullivan's biographer. The photographs are working prints with many variations on a theme. They cover the years 1937-1940, with a series that are undated from the 1950s and 1960s.

Photographs are of Helen Keller, her aid Polly Thomson, Nella Braddy Henney, Herbert Haas, and a few others. Prints made in 1990 from negatives donated to Perkins as part of the Nella Braddy Henney Collection.

Nella Braddy Henney first met Anne Sullivan, Helen Keller, and Polly Thomson in 1924, when she came to the Sullivan-Keller-Thomson household to write Sullivan’s biography Anne Sullivan Macy: The story behind Helen Keller (1933). Quickly mastering the manual finger language, she kept Keller in touch with the political, literary, and scientific world around her. She remained in Keller’s life, as a friend, and also as Keller’s power of attorney and acting agent for all Keller’s literary matters, until 1963. She was married to Keith Henney, also a writer and editor, as well as a photographer who took many photographs of Helen Keller.

Note: None of the photographs are duplicates, but sometimes the variation of movement or expression is small. A selection of these images are also included in our other Helen Keller galleries.

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