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Collection of photographs, artifacts, and texts from the Michael Anagnos Collection including a separate set of images from a photograph album.

Michael Anagnos (formerly Anagnostopoulos) was born November 7, 1837 in Papingo, Greece. Anagnos was a trustee and later became the second director of the Perkins School for the Blind (then Perkins Institution) from 1876 until his death in 1906. Anagnos was a friend, assistant and son-in-law to Perkins’ founding director Samuel Gridley Howe. In 1886 Anagnos was contacted by Helen Keller’s parents and recommended Anne Sullivan as a teacher. He served as a mentor and friend to Sullivan, and wrote frequently about Helen Keller’s progress in the Annual Reports. Anagnos was a successful fundraiser and helped establish the first Kindergarten for the Blind in Jamaica Plain, MA in 1887.

Read a digital copy of "The Centenary of Michael Anagnos" for more information:

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