Engines, Wheels and a Place to Sit

What on Earth would cause a city-based Computer Scientist to suddenly go gaga over sod busting hardware? I haven't a clue, and until 2007 I hadn't taken any photographs of tractors. Maybe it was the stores Tractor Supply Company opened in northern Connecticut. Maybe it was the industrial history behind them.


I have, since college, been a fan the American architect Louis Henri Sullivan's philosophy that 'Form Follows Function'. I'm sure Andrew Warhol felt the same fascination with his soup cans. Incidentally, one of Warhol's earliest "15 Minutes of Fame" was illustrating the 1961 Amy Vanderbilt Complete Cookbook.

The U.S. expansion into the West encouraged the growth of the railroad and its development of the steam locomotive. The traction engine paralleled the train's engine, as we converted vast stretches of prairie to cropland. The tractors grew up in the Midwest; Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis were cradles to the iron mules. I am also intrigued by early cars and airplanes. Shall I simplify, "Planes, Trains and Automobiles... and Tractors?"

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