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Sleeping Schmoo

found this pic today, he's sleeping on my flip flops (he wanted to know where i was going) in bruce and darrin's house in san diego. during 4th of july weekend, 2006. i felt bad that on the actual 4th of july i went to surf with katy and then to a house for a bbq so didn't see him again until that night. but he was with bruce and darrin and maya lou and sumo, inside and out all day.


i remember how he barked and howled at the fireworks. he wasn't scared of them he wanted to *eat* them! grrr!


i miss my boy everyday.


i just want to bury my face in his neck. if i think about it hard enough i can still conjure up his smell.


i love this pic bc you can't see the huge ass bump that was his cancer on his side. i see pics now of him and that is all that i see, the cancer.


but not this one!


he died 3 months later.

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Taken on July 2, 2006