burning, like joan of arc to see you. day 99

just to feel you




today we went to the Confederacy White House here in Richmond and toured the capitol building... i really wanted to go to this deserted power plant by a river but we ran out of time :( :( oh well, hopefull we'll find some cool places. Now we be off to Chilie's! :)


remember, do your change pictures!! I'll love you foreverandever... if youve done one and it takes me a while to get back i aplogize, this vacation thing is hard to balance with 365 :P But keep going anways! Expect a "change surprise" here in the next couple days tooo.... :D :D :D


also, the amazing artist Dean Omori used my photo controlled in his new new video! Go check it out, its seriously beautiful. I love all his work.


OMG! explore #2 and front page!!! thank you all!

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Taken on July 4, 2009