a rare nap

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    Apparently I never slept during the day as a child; I still rarely nap. Here I am with both of my security blankets, though only one would stay with me for years and years. The white one is Cookie Towel (with an image of Grover reading a book to Cookie Monster) and the other is Shirt, an old flannel shirt of my mom's without the buttons. Cookie Towel is truly, truly threadbare now.

    1. woodendesigner 86 months ago | reply

      WOW! Very cute shot. I also have to commend you for your decision to love the two best characters on Sesame Street. Grover was my fave and Cookie Monster was a close second but had to share second sometimes with Oscar the Grouch. Very cool that you have shots like this around........ I'm going to have to go dig some of mine up now.

    2. Stephig [deleted] 86 months ago | reply

      How precious!

    3. doggedknits 86 months ago | reply

      I think I had that towel! I just used it as a towel though.

    4. hilpalny 86 months ago | reply

      aah! totally cute!

    5. LollyKnit 86 months ago | reply

      love this one! you look so sweet :)
      man, i was and still am a big napper.

      ETA: lookie what i found:
      Pre-school Lolly

    6. randeclip 86 months ago | reply

      Your an angle!
      Sleep tight!

    7. Rusharound 86 months ago | reply

      awwww. sweet pic.

    8. TwinKnit 86 months ago | reply

      I love this photo juxtaposed with your "hardened new yorker" photo. What a transition!

    9. that blonde girl 86 months ago | reply

      I'm all nostalgic after spending a week at my dad's and this photo is enough to make me tear up a little.

      Childhood was pretty great, wasn't it?

    10. Wileycomma 86 months ago | reply

      Little Minty!

    11. HarlanH 86 months ago | reply

      So cute.

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    12. rms519 86 months ago | reply

      If I had a non-napping kid, I would never risk disturbing her rare nap by snapping photos. This is pretty cute, though. The memory is probably worth it even if you were awake 5 seconds later.

      My sister's blankie was a gigantic crochet couch cover -- it was literally large enough to go over the whole couch. Not sure how that one happened.

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