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The Order of the Stick

I've been wanting to do a creation based on The Order of the Stick webcomic for quite some time, but never knew what to build. I finally decided to create mosaics of each character.

If you are unaware of the webcomic, I highly recommend it. The main characters exist in a world which follows the rules of Dungeons & Dragons. They are not playing a game, though - the world just follows those rules in the same way that our world follows the rules of Physics. Even if you don't know much at all about D&D (like myself), this is a very well-written, well-planed, and very amusing epic.


The creator of the comic is currently doing a record breaking pledge drive to help support the re-release of the books he's produced over the year. What started out as a simple drive to get one much-wanted book re-published has ballooned into a massive outpouring of support (and $$!) from his fans around the world. If you enjoy this comic I would highly recommend making even just a minor pledge so you can cash in on all the goodies that are being offered. (note, there is also an amusing mini-comic that the creator has been making for every update post on the Kickstarter project.)


If you've never heard of this before I do recommend checking out the comic. A good, non-plot-spoilar example (and one of the best single-liners of the strip) can be found here. A word of warning, though: if you find that you're enjoying the strip, make sure you're not doing anything important because you're gonna be here a while. :)


These images in particular are based on the image found here. Each one is depicted at 'actual height', which is why Belkar (a halfling) is just an angry head.

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Taken on February 16, 2012