Dear FOX - You Suck.

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    According to sources, FOX will hire new voices for the renewal of the Futurama series after they couldn't reach a contract deal with the current actors.
    If true, this is a bad move - voice actors are the life blood of a cartoon. Even the animation can be bad (examples are far too numerous, but not this show) and the right voice work can make a show a success. I guess it wasn't enough for FOX to kill the show once, now they want to turn it into a zombie as well.

    UPDATE: Crisis resolved, original actors are returning!

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    1. Kirilo 58 months ago | reply


    2. Derek Almen 58 months ago | reply

      This is not really surprising. Fox will go down in history as the destroyer and meddler of many programs. The only thing they haven't managed to royally screw up is the Simpsons. Although that too is up for scrutiny.

    3. SoundWavePanda 58 months ago | reply

      Is that why they are symbolized with no mouths?

    4. nolnet 58 months ago | reply

      What. The. Fox.

    5. Ѕolo 58 months ago | reply

      I think it's pretty official now that Fox hates nerds.

    6. Quark Soup 58 months ago | reply

      Damn. :( And I was looking forward to this, too...

    7. The BLU Baron [deleted] 58 months ago | reply

      In the Comic-Con schedule, there's a Futurama thing on it with the original cast, so it is possible that this is some sort of stunt - they did the same thing with the Simpsons. I hope it is, even if it's a very lame/bad stunt to pull.

    8. ßantha 58 months ago | reply

      I'm glad Futurama's back, but new voice actors? That right there ruins it.

    9. Creme-de-la-creme 58 months ago | reply

      lol, the Voice for Homer simpson in THE SIMPSONS was changed 3 or 4 times during the whole series so far because if inability to get the actor back.

    10. ßantha 58 months ago | reply

      ^ There was only two guys, actually.

    11. ScarletSpitfire 58 months ago | reply

      :,( I hate you, Fox!

    12. connor "lego4liFe" brown 58 months ago | reply

      well they maybe be classics but maybe they sound close to the same

    13. TooMuchDew 58 months ago | reply

      In depth article at with links to fan petitions, Facebook groups & Fox exec's e-mail addresses...

    14. Wallopy Joe 58 months ago | reply


      I want to kick FOX in the 'nads

    15. TooMuchDew 57 months ago | reply

      Good--I mean Great--I mean Fantastic News Everyone!!!
      To members of Save the Voices of Futurama

      From Maurice LaMarche 07.31.09 @ 4:37 pm (EST)

      "Thank you for all you have done, my friend! I have to believe all the fan support, from all the petitions, polls, and your Save the Voices of Futurama page made a huge difference. Feel free to announce away! We're back Baby! With the Original Voice Cast!!

      Posted: Fri., Jul. 31, 2009, 3:26pm

      'Futurama' cast returning for reboot
      Original voices ink deal; end spat with Fox

      The "Futurama" characters won't be sporting new voices after all.
      The five "Futurama" cast members -- John DiMaggio, Billy West, Katey Sagal, Maurice LaMarche and Tress MacNeille -- have just sealed pacts with 20th Century Fox TV to return to the show as it reboots with 26 new episodes for Comedy Central.

      Both the actors and 20th are believed to have found a compromise. Move comes after 20th put out a casting call earlier this month to find replacement actors for the show.

      "We are thrilled to have our incredible cast back," creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen said in a statement. "The call has already gone out to the animators to put the mouths back on the characters."

      The studio announced in June that it would produce 26 new episodes of "Futurama," and that Comedy Central was on board to begin airing the new episodes in mid-2010. As part of the announcement, the show's producers said stars including West, Sagal and DiMaggio had all signed on to return...

    16. Puddleglum- 57 months ago | reply

      I'm still cheesed off about SCC getting cancelled. :-\

    17. Gecko Man 54 months ago | reply

      FUTURAMA@SCOTTMULLERCASTING.COM Send tonnes of hatemail to this address. Do it for Bender! And to a lesser extent Zoidberg.

      Seriously, what were the know-nothing corporate bozos thinking? Oh wait, I answered my own question.


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