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Starcraft II's Medivac Dropship

One of the bigger changes in SC II is the combining of the former Dropship and Medic into a single unit, the Medivac Dropship. The medivac can ferry troops across the map, or heal non-robotic units when hovering over them.


This creation took me a little under a week to build. As a ship able to carry troops and some vehicles, the dropship should, by rights, be monstrously huge. But as stated before, scale has always taken a backseat in the Starcraft games, so this creation is scaled based on the 'however big I felt it should be' method. :)

Functionally, this ship can hold about 3 of my troopers, maybe 4 - although I did not make a working hatch or door to the cargo bay for structural reasons (also I'm not sure where the hatch or door IS. ;) ).

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Taken on July 9, 2009