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artist model

See my flickr vintage snapshots set, for many more unusual, weird and wonderful snapshots.

  • unexpectedtales 4y

    not sure, however the transleucent one to the right looks like Harry Houdini !
  • left--handed 4y

    Could this be a composite picture - a kind of 1920s photoshop'd image? After all, the principles of photoshop are not new.
  • unexpectedtales 4y

    know what you mean, but it's 100% real
  • rebooth 4y

    One of these things is not like the others,
    One of these things just doesn't belong.
  • capnstarlight 3y

    Who is the only one smiling ? :) and that guy below maybe has the pained stunned look because of the other guy's elbow and where it is.. have a look; the mustachioed one next to her looks pretty smug, but then...he's the only one of the lot that gets to actually touch her. and she is lovely. An even ten guys?? She sits above them.. their muse. and she doesn't have to wear the stiff collar. Hope that heater on the right works in winter.
  • 6rl6 2y

    this is so cool!
  • combraille 2y

    superbe photo, bravo.
  • J. Magill Photography 2y

    bittieoh Some of the men are translucent because this was a fairly long exposure and they moved during it. Going to guess slow film and not much light. Prior to WWII high speed films would be around the modern equivalent of ISO 32-64!
  • John Seven 2y

    This is definitely prior to the self consciously manly working garb of many 50's American artists.
  • Michael Nieuwlicht 1y

  • Jut Jut 1y

  • teleobiettivo 1y

    View in group
  • Darren Lyne 1y

  • Jut Jut 1y

    Excellent !
  • Manzzan 11mo

    Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe.

    alternatif fotograf grubu
  • Piers Nye 11mo

    could they not be translucent because it was a long exposure and they moved?
    The photograph is splendid - could they be medics rather than artists?
  • Paul Jackson 11mo

    Piers Nye There is an easel with a drawing of the model on theright.
  • jamica1 8mo

    She seems the most comfortable one in the picture.
  • Jonathan Charles 5mo

    Strangely this old photo still represents the ethos of the camera club "studio session" - a bunch of self-conscious middle-aged men pretending they are only interested in art and desperately trying not to be seen fancying the pretty young model - who is the only one at ease with "nothing to hide"…

    It's a wonderful image - do you know any of its history?
  • P T 1mo

    Dirty Old Goats ! ! ! 😀 . . . . Love It ! . . . It's Great !
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