Henisch Photo History Collection,1842-1995
The Heinz K. and Bridget A. Henisch Collection of the History of Photography is a valuable resource for the study of 19th-century photographic, social, and art history. Originally designed as a teaching collection, and international in character, the material includes virtually every type of photograph ever made:

* albumen and gelatin prints
* ambrotypes
* cabinet cards
* cartes-de-visite
* daguerreotypes
* ivorytypes
* opalotypes
* panotypes (on leather)
* prints on canvas and silk
* salt prints
* stereo cards
* tintypes

Many are overpainted, varying in character from genuine art objects to casually produced folk art. The subject matter also varies, ranging from the formal portraits characteristic of the period to travel scenes, architectural studies, and curious side-show spectacles. Among the most striking pictures are those depicting scenes of the Crimean War, one of the earliest military engagements to be recorded by photography.

The collection also contains daguerreotype cases of several designs, a minor art form in its own right, and other artifacts connected with photography, including a few cameras.

The B. and H. Henisch Photo-History Collection Exhibit Room, dedicated on November 14, 2000, contains a display area for changing exhibits and is accessible to the public for study purposes.

An online guide to the collection is available.

Repository: Penn State Special Collections, University Park, PA, USA.
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