Penn Program on Regulation conference (Sept 27-28) on Regulation’s Impact on Jobs
To advance research and analysis of both the analytical and institutional issues raised by the current controversy over regulation and jobs, the Penn Program on Regulation convened a conference at the University of Pennsylvania Law School on September 27-28, 2012. The conference considered questions such as:

-What are the effects of regulation on employment and how should the welfare implications of these impacts be estimated?
-To the extent they should, how might regulatory impact analyses of new regulations be changed in order to take better account of effects on employment?
-How, if at all, should regulatory policy or the regulatory process change in order to respond to concerns about the impacts of regulation on employment?

Authors of work presented included: Matthew Adler (Duke Law), Joseph Aldy (Harvard), Chris Carrigan (George Washington), Cary Coglianese (Penn Law), E. Donald Elliott (Wilkie Farr/Yale), Rolf Färe (Oregon State), Adam Finkel (Penn Law), Wayne Gray (Clark), Shawna Grosskopf (Oregon State), Mike Livermore (NYU), Brian Mannix, Jonathan Masur (Chicago), Al McGartland (EPA), Richard Morgenstern (RFF), Carl Pasurka (EPA), William Pizer (Duke), Lisa Robinson, Jason Schwartz (NYU), Ron Shadbegian (EPA), and Stuart Shapiro (Rutgers).
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