Penn Law Paints: Murals in the Chute
How do you turn a construction site into an opportunity for community building and fun?

The Golkin Hall student Transition Team had a suggestion: make an art gallery of the Chute, the enclosed tunnel that passes through the Goat lounge, connecting Silverman and Gittis Halls.

Over the course of three weeks, while electricians, insulation installers, HVAC teams and laborers worked above and around them, an estimated one hundred and fifty members of the Penn Law community painted twenty large murals on the Chute's walls. Contributors included solo artists, faculty family groups, teams of staff members, and groups of JD friends.

There are murals inspired by Rothko and Lichtenstein; depictions of scenes in Greece, Afghanistan, and Hawaii; sights like quiet mountain nights, Philadelphia's Boathouse Row, and the facade of Golkin Hall; and renderings of delicate branches of blossoms, a giant eye, and the Penn Law Goat mascot.

On November 1, Penn Law hosted a wine and cheese reception to celebrate and honor the painters.

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