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The moon - just as tonight's eclipse was ending and just before tonight's clouds set in.

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  1. KennethAnkerson 35 months ago | reply

    Arm strong good luke walking in de moon

  2. Chris Key 34 months ago | reply

    Fabulous shot.

  3. ! FOX 31 months ago | reply

    so Wonderful

    I like it

  4. hiddenshapes 29 months ago | reply

    Your picture is perfect to Try this experiment amazing:
    When you look at the Moon, either directly, in photo or video., Find hidden figures and landscapes. The trick to finding them is to look at the moon at all times like a painting in 3D. Plus you have to rotate the photo of the moon slowly and take different distances. Need to use your eyes and get them used to look at the moon for a long time (two hours daily in periods of two to three minutes minimum). Once your eyes get used to watching the moon slowly (depends on the ability of the observer always) you will begin to discover many hidden figures of different sizes, in different landscapes (depending on the angle and distance to take); It is curious that you have to ignore any information you have about the moon. The trick is to simply look. Do not imagine, not thinking, just looking. Do not add lines or dots that are not there. Just look at the lines and dots that are already there., find symmetry and depth. It takes practice and patience to discover that it is actually a giant artwork in 3D. The ability of the mind to recognize faces and shapes in the environment is for survival or delight. Great shot!!

  5. scismgenie 29 months ago | reply

    You Have Been Mooned

    You've been mooned...

  6. Pramod Sankar 28 months ago | reply

    awesome sharpness. great shot.

  7. Yorik.lhomme [deleted] 27 months ago | reply

    Magnifique photo !
    Bravo !

  8. ianharrywebb 27 months ago | reply

    Awesome Moon shot
    MOON 016

  9. MarkGregory007 25 months ago | reply

    Way to go! I commend you on capturing a beautiful image of the moon without the use of a telescope. As a moon photographer (through my scope) I must say yours is the best shot I have ever seen through a camera and telephoto lens. You certainly have mastered photographic skills. Mark

  10. richard_polhill 21 months ago | reply

    I'm amazed at just how much detail you've managed to get.

  11. giuliamion1 19 months ago | reply

    Hi!! Compliments for the beautiful picture!! Thank you to upload it in Creative Commons, I used it here: is a new web site for italian original routes, come visit us!!

  12. Prachi Katoch 17 months ago | reply

    The moon always seems to hypnotize me! It truly is God's priceless jewel and the beauty is that we can all enjoy the moon for free :)

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