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Story of the "unofficial" 34.54 lb. world record.


Dear Mr. Pippo


I am going to tell you a story which is any angler's dream. Hooking and landing a monster fish with the world's smallest fishing rod. "PEN" Last evening a few of us went to help out a friend who has a fish farm where he is growing Barramundi, In order to clear the lake of weeds he had introduced grass carp and other species of the local carp family called Rohu and Catla. he wanted our help to harvest both Barramundi and carp since he had to supply order for live fish. Armed with our usual spinning rods and Poppers/ stick baits etc we hit the lake. after a couple of hrs. I was tempted to use the Pen extreme for a spot of bait fishing . I was using a 10 lb line as against the 8 lb recommended. The bait used was bread bollies. after a few small carps i got a hit with my float disappearing and a black head breaks water and takes off with the line. it took me close to 1 hr 20 mins to guide the monster close to shore. Since I did not have a landing net or a Gaff on hand one of my friends crept into the water behind fish and managed to scoop him on to the shore. You would not believe it it was the biggest Fresh water fish I have ever caught in my fishing lifetime.


The fish belongs to the Carp Family. These have a pretty good growth rate. this one is around year and a half. it is a much wanted table fish in India especially Calcutta. There are many more such in the lake where we were fishing. It also holds a large population of Baramundi with an average size of 4 to 5 kgs some of them are around this same size or even larger.


I am from The southern part of India in a state called Tamil Nadu. We have a vast coast line and we do a lot of spinning off the shore shore line where we land similar sizes of Barramundi, Giant Travelly, Barracuda, etc. In the neighbouring state of Karnataka we have the famous Maseer in the Cauvery river which is world famous. Some how sport fishing has not developed as it should have since there are no regulations governing this sport. Which is sad, since a lot of over fishing is being done both inland and in the ocean and some of the common species have almost disappeared.


Tony "I AM REALLY THRILLED ON MY EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR "PEN ROD CREATION". I will never forget this opportunity you have given me to live again and do what I love the best. :)

Many of my friends are now interested in buying more combos from you. Maybe i can become a big supplier here in India for you?


I could not get a good video of the episode and could not weigh him on the shore. i kept the fish alive in the holding tank and took it home to weigh it . you would never guess the weight.. In lbs it weighs 34.54 lbs (15.7 x 2.2 lbs) 15.70 kgs.


Thank you,



Standing "OFFICIAL" World Record 21 lb. Fish on a Pen Fishing Rod MX15 AA Goliath™ Combo.


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Taken on February 21, 2013