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Two years and still celebrating

Yesterday was the second anniversary of my Flickr time with you. Unfortunately, though, over the past week, circumstances have prevented my sharing the celebration. I have, quite literally, been powerless.


Just over a week ago a vital component of our water-driven power system broke. Then our backup generator failed. Although we were careful – lighting with candles, packing snow (aren’t we lucky to still have so much of it!!??!!) into fridge and freezer – the reserves of our battery bank quickly dwindled. Use of the computer was impossible, not even for a quick visit with news.


We have managed to patch the system together, well enough to limp along until the part arrives, hopefully this week. Our food hasn’t spoiled, our batteries are slowly charging, my old Parker pens are there for the story writing, but soon I must again sign off this computer.


I’m sorry that I can’t stay to visit each of you personally, to let you know how much I have cherished these years of your friendship, and to thank you and wish you a happy Easter.


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Taken on April 8, 2009