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I was tagged literally months ago... so here it goes:


1. I like kisses on the inside of the wrists, or between the shoulder blades.

2. The small of a man's back can be one of the most beautiful and sexy things.

3. I have been proposed to, but never engaged. Forever is a long time to wear the wrong ring.

4. Brandon Boyd is a fox, and I've always been extremely intrigued by him.

5. I don't have a favorite color.

6. I dream a lot of weird stuff. About a year ago, I dreamt that Obama delivered my first born. It all took place in a monastery.

7. I kind of have a smell fixation. Anything new/unfamiliar and I have to smell it.

8. I struggle to remember people's names (and birthdays), but I recall faces right away.

9. I'm a minimalist in many ways, I don't care about brands, trends or expensive things. My cell phone is a little over 7 years old and I absolutely love it.

10. If I'm in a big group of people for way too long, I automatically shut my system off and end up coming across as asocial.


Okay, that's enough. And I'm tagging no one. Please, please, pretty please... don't tag me again.


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Taken on April 28, 2010