Miami or bust
We've moved from San Francisco to Miami and decided to drive there.

The trip ended up being 3301 miles (5,312km) long and took 8 days including a one day break in New Orleans.

The route we took was pretty much I5 to LA, I10 to Jacksonville, Fl and i95 south to Miami.

I10 is a great road and passes through some really cool parts of the country. From deserts to Bayous.

We didn't have time to do major excursions off the track to places like Grand Canyon, so we decided to make it a more cultural trip, exploring the fantastic local flavours of the South West and South East.

And what flavors from Navajo Fry Bread, to artisanal Texas sausage and BBQ to the fantastic range of food in New Orleans. I don't care what anyone says, the US is one of the top food places in the world.
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