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Tortoise Dream | by pejnolan
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Tortoise Dream

Copyright 2007dreamed: 10-16-07

written: 10-18-07


I was sitting on the balcony on the second floor of a white adobe hotel looking across the muddy river. I noticed two women: one elderly and white, wiry haired, the other middle-aged with long, straight, sleek black hair highlighted by streaks of gray. I knew that they were mother and daughter. They were dressed in vivid blue kimonos.


They were lesuiely walking at the river's sandy shore next to a jungle of tropical plants, trees and bamboo. The younger woman found a tortoise and picked it up. Her intent was to take it out of harm's way. Immediately a large tortoise, the size of a small car, stampeded the two frightened women. The crazed tortise knocked over the old woman and was going to bite her.


I somehow was able to get across the river in time to save her. I picked her up and ran with the other woman to their mansion. We had just enough time to get into the porch. As I turned quickly to close the door, a huge tortoise head was snapping and clawing to get in. I could see it's eyes rolling with each snap. I forcefully slammed the door on it's head several times and finally it gave up and went on it's way, but we were afraid to go out for quite some time thinking that it was hiding in the jungle growth laying in wait.


There was much more to the dream, but this was the only part that struck me. Whenever I dream things so vivdly, I wonder if I am supposed to learn something from them. What does it mean... if anything?

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Uploaded on October 18, 2007