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Giant scary Eddie Murphy head

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Ever since that episode of Chappelle's Show, whenever I see a picture of Eddie Murphy all I can think of is Dave Chappelle screaming "What am I gonna do about my leeeeeggs, Eddie Murphy?"

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  1. j4349 83 months ago | reply

    do you know if this was for that movie that come out with him or is for something eles.

  2. Peggy Archer 83 months ago | reply

    I have no idea.

  3. j4349 83 months ago | reply

    okay thanks so you work on the paramount lot.

  4. Peggy Archer 83 months ago | reply

    Sometimes I do and other times I don't. I don't work on one lot - I bounce around so although I was at Paramount today, I may be somewhere else tomorrow.

  5. j4349 83 months ago | reply

    Thats so cool so have you work on most of the major studio lot out there like Warner Bros Studios, Sony Studio lot.

  6. Scott Barlow 83 months ago | reply

    And I thought the real one was scary...!

  7. nezza74 83 months ago | reply

    I always did feel that Eddie Murphy was a bit of a big-head. *gaffaws at own terrible joke*

    You are all right though - it is scary.....

  8. Peggy Archer 83 months ago | reply

    It's the teeth that creep me out, for some reason. The entire head is totally wrong, but the teeth are extra wrong.

  9. explosive laughter 82 months ago | reply

    i would of died of laughter if i saw this in person....OMG....

  10. Shanks99 82 months ago | reply

    It's a promotional thing for an Eddie Murphy movie coming out called "Meet Dave." I guess it's about a little Eddie Murphy alien controlling a big Eddie Murphy body or something. I dunno it looks bad.

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