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Cologne Cathedral

I arrived at the Cathedral before it opened. I knew they would probably frown on tripods, so I set up my camera on the tripod outside the church, everything ready to go so I just needed to press the shutter on the remote control. I used ISO 400 so that the longest shot would be less than 30 seconds so I did not have to use manual mode. As soon as the church opened, I was the first one in, took a few steps, plopped my tripod on the center and pressed the shutter. Within 15 seconds, with German efficiency, an angry man appeared from nowhere, waving his hands and telling me things in German that I did not understand. I had to pick up the tripod before the long exposure was done and leave. To add insult to injury, I had forgotten to remove my hat, so got chewed up for that too.


So here is the 2 exposure HDR, soemwhat noisy as I had to do without the longest exposure. The streaks of light at the bottom are from the cleaning lady who was finishing up before the church opened. Processed in Photomatix, Neatimage and Nik Color Efex.


A great Cathedral, worth the trouble to try to get a decent shot. I feel bad always trying to game the tripod police, who are just doing their job. However, these are lovely places that are worth capturing and sharing: as always my images are available to everyone via the CC license.


Happy New Year to all my flickr friends.

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Taken on October 27, 2011