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A Chapel in St Vitus Cathedral: I have a fascination with church interiors, and Prague is most surely one of the best places to indulge that fascination. I spent many hours inside the numerous churches with my camera mounted on my little Gorilla tripod. It is barely a few inches off the floor, so there is no chance to look through the view finder without laying on the floor. That probably would not go well with the guards.


But I have perfected my technique. I will set up the camera on the tripod at 10mm, auto-bracket +/- 2 and caefully set up the legs of the tripod before going in the church. I also attach the cable release. Once in the church I will adjust the aperture so that the longest shot does not go over 30 seconds so I don't have to shoot bulb mode and look at my watch. I sneakealy place the camera on the floor, like a little chihuahua, and press the release button 3 times. If the church is very crowded, I will push the camera in front of the rope that prevents people from moving closer.


I feel it's OK to do this as the little tripod does not really disturb the flow of people, or trips people. Unfortunately, I eventually get caught, I would say yelled at. Fortunately, I don't understand everything I am being told except for the "no static photo" part.


But, I can't resist, I'll show up at opening time, or a little before closing time if I can, and do it all over gain.


The challenge ahead of me is to figure out the best way to process these shots. I do have a lot. This time I turned temperature to -10 in Photomatix, and sturation very low to conserve the colors but not fall pray to the oversaturation tendency of Photomatix. Once in Photoshop I neutralized the yellow cast further using Nik Color Efex. Then several steps to increase contrast, and then finally desaturated again. I like this one better than my prior yellow/brown shots. Hmm, this image looks much too bright on my Mac laptop.


This shot was a 10mm, f7.1, 4 secs. The longest exposure was 15 secs.


This is likely to be the only shot I can post this week as I have a lot of piled up work.

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Taken on May 21, 2009