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Flamingos Partying

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Flamingos in Laguna Hedionda in Bolivia. A truly stunning place to visit. You can observe these flamingos for hours with no other human there to disturb the incredible sights. It is one of the most amazing sights you'll see.

The James's Flamingo (Phoenicopterus jamesi), also known as the Puna Flamingo, is a South American flamingo, named for Harry Berkeley James. It breeds on the high Andean plateaus of Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. It is related to the Andean Flamingo, and the two are often placed in the genus Phoenicoparrus.

It is a small and delicate flamingo, approximately 3 feet in height. Its plumage is pale pink, with bright carmine streaks around the neck and on the back. When perched a small amount of black can be seen in the wings. There is bright red skin around the eye. The legs are brick-red and the bill is bright yellow with a black tip. Immature birds are greyish.

James's Flamingo is similar to other South American flamingoes, but the Chilean Flamingo is pinker, with a longer bill without yellow, and the Andean Flamingo is larger with more black in the wings and bill, and yellow legs.

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  1. Giselle's Photographs 23 months ago | reply

    Amazing is not enought! Excellent work

  2. nponflk 22 months ago | reply

    beautiful capture love the colors

  3. blueridgeva 19 months ago | reply

    Beautiful picture made even more enjoyable by all your information. Thanks!

  4. Tom Stanley Janca 17 months ago | reply

    Beautiful Photo and Edit. I like it.

  5. WorfTrek of Anmore 17 months ago | reply

    Wow! I spotted a crop of this on COLOURlovers.com (with attribution to you) and had to come here to see the whole shot. Lovely. It looks like you used one or more overlays (Bokeh, watercolour) to great effect.

    Well done!

  6. *Abstrax 17 months ago | reply

    Great catch!

  7. Diane Duvall King 14 months ago | reply

    This is the most beautiful shot of flamingoes that I have ever seen. I would love to paint your image, but I am afraid that I could not do it justice.

  8. Frontierofficial 12 months ago | reply

    Great photo! This photo has been used by www.frontiergap.com in a blog post:
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. iolite1 11 months ago | reply

    Awesome photography!

  10. jgurt6ut7u 7 months ago | reply

    Very bright!

  11. nolehace 6 months ago | reply

    ...love this...

  12. pcgn7 6 months ago | reply

    wonderful, wonderful image!

  13. bearshapedsphere 6 months ago | reply

    woah. Great gorgeousness!

  14. fenlandsnapper 5 months ago | reply

    Jaw droppingly good. Beautifully composed.

  15. zegloff 2 months ago | reply


    Thanks for posting your photographs on flickr Creative Commons. I loved this picture, and I used it in a blog post entitled "What Old Saying Did Melissa and I Resurrect? And How Is It Changing Our LIves?"

    The link to the post with your photo is here: lifeinzd.com/what-old-saying-did-melissa-and-i-resurrect-...

    Thanks again. I really appreciate you sharing your work!

    Cheers, Z Egloff

  16. pinguin1961 32 hours ago | reply

    Really an excellent, interesting and beautiful photography!
    Wirklich eine ausgezeichnete, interessante und schöne Fotografie!

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