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    Well, this photograph is not only about instant gratification. It's also about the value of good things.

    This is my second pair of Red Wing 2233 boots, which I bought 14 years ago in 1996, and which are my weekend boots for general mayhem and destruction (I have a pair from 2003 which I use during the week). This is the part about the value of good things - sometimes it's cheaper to buy more expensive but excellent things, as long as you take just a bit of time every now and then to take good care of them.

    Which brings me to the title and the question of instant gratification - the boot on the right was exactly like the boot on the left before I spent ten minutes caring for it with lots and lots of shoe polish, and a good brush. Ten short minutes to go from a wreck to something absolutely stunning. This feeling of instant personal realization is priceless for our self worth, considering that we have jobs where the time scales between starting something and seeing (or not) the fruits of that labor can be measured in weeks, months, or even years.

    That's why it's great to have a few things in life that are this quick and fulfilling.

    1. Prodromos Sarigianis 63 months ago | reply

      Love the story and it is true, excellent work - not just the picture, but the polish too!

    2. Pedro Moura Pinheiro 63 months ago | reply

      Prodromos, and to add to the story, I also love the instant gratification of posting a photo and people being able to see and comment it immediately, from anywhere in the world!! Thank you for your always insightful comments!

    3. Griesgramïg 63 months ago | reply

      Stone boots, great lightning too.

    4. pns 63 months ago | reply

      you deserve those excellent boots!

    5. marciana 63 months ago | reply

      I share the same opinion, that “sometimes it's cheaper to buy more expensive but excellent things, as long as you take just a bit of time every now and then to take good care of them”.
      This is a perfect example — I liked the story and the image that goes with it.

    6. Luis_Amaral 63 months ago | reply

      :-) These are tractor like boots! Rough and durable!

    7. Janelinhas 63 months ago | reply

      Ora cá está uma belíssima fotografia que assentaria que nem uma...bota ( acho que aqui não se aplica "luva") a um grupo de caminheiros do Norte chamado "Um Par de Botas"!!!

    8. Cumbrian Snapper 63 months ago | reply

      Lovely shot as of now its my desktop background!!!
      Did you use a tripod?

    9. Pedro Moura Pinheiro 63 months ago | reply

      , no tripod, as I was using strobes, basically the motion is stopped by the duration of the light (usually always < 1ms) - considering that I had very little ambient light.

    10. Sangsouvanh Ping Khounvichit [deleted] 50 months ago | reply

      Love polishing and cleaning my work boots after months and months of labor put on them.

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