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Auschwitz - Birkenau Concentration Camp - The illusion of tranquility | by Pedro Nuno Caetano
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Auschwitz - Birkenau Concentration Camp - The illusion of tranquility

Once again I post some photos about a concentration camp. They're not intending to be a statement of "Look, I went there!", but a reminder that such places exist because human beings made them. And, what's more frightnening, they made them only 70 years ago. We take for granted that it all belongs to the past, and then there's Rwanda... there's Bosnia... there are countries such as North Korea... and that's the world we live in. It's all up to us, to each one of us, to try and make a difference. To make a difference when we vote, when we smile and greet other people, no matter their skin colour, religious beliefs, sexual orientation... when we don't impose our beliefs, when we don't step into others peoples freedom, when we dispute our differences by talking and not by fighting, when we make it possible for everyone to have access to a good education, when we really respect each other...

Auschwitz was worst then Dachau. Fear and horror spreads from the apparently harmless houses that line across the streets. You walk along the small groups that wonder from house to house and the more you walk, the more it gets through your skin, like a sting that keeps getting deeper and deeper. And then you realize that it's a terrible though to think that no matter how bad you imagine life was as it was there, you aren't even close to the real picture. No matter how much you tremble when you see tens of suitcases, toothbrushes, shoes and millions of human hair, you'll never get even close to feel the horror that people just like us had to face.

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Taken on August 26, 2009