urna - metadesign
It is unbelievable that human remains can end up in such kitschy buckets. Colors and shapes with no meaning. URNA is based on a new process aimed at shaping urns that reflect the spiritual characteristics of given individuals, using Eysenck’s cross, age, goodness and spirituality model.
The process starts with an easy to use application, where the dying person, or his or her surviving relatives enter all important personal information. On the basis of logical rules, the entered values generate a 3D model of the urn, which is exported into a .dxf model. This file is sent to us by the prospective client, together with an order of all what is needed for the creation of the urn. The shipment delivered to the client contains all necessary documentation and instructions, and especially the laser created forms and polyurethane for cast molding. The next steps consist in simply putting together the form by folding the provided flat folding scheme and making the cast molding of the polyurethane. The remains are then placed directly into the material, which is available in different colors. The creation of such an urn is a ceremony in itself. Its shape is closely connected to the personality of the deceased and reveals a lot about the given person. Each urn is thus unique and its shape has meaning.

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