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Black Widow Spider

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"A spider's delicate steps do not trammel the petals of the rose. Its kiss, however, is deadly."

Went to visit the in-laws and found this lovely creature hanging out in the back yard.

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  1. ozoni11 94 months ago | reply

    Maybe a tad overexposed. Also (even though spiders creep me out) I would prefer to see the entire spider.

    Rated 4/5

  2. Rivertay07 - thanks for over 3 million views 94 months ago | reply

    Nice - like others suggest a fuller view of the spider would have improved this imho. Still a great shot and .....a brave shot...arghhh!

    Rated 4/5

  3. Tiger Eyes 93 months ago | reply

    Nice and disgusting! Great capture.

  4. Rareimage Photography 93 months ago | reply

    I always wanted to see what they looked like. I never get to close of any kind of insect!!!! :)

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  5. waferkitty 93 months ago | reply

    We have a similar spider to this in Australia called a
    Redback Spider, you are braver than me as I wouldn't go any where near one of these creatures :)

  6. ComputerHotline 92 months ago | reply

    This photo should be used in class, at school !

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    group rules first.

  7. Désir 91 months ago | reply

    I love it!!!!

  8. fbjsnare06 83 months ago | reply

    nice shot beautiful spider

  9. snakehandler [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

    arent they beautiful! amazing shot!

  10. R.Paul 80 months ago | reply

    I currently have a Black Widow on my site. I'm waitng to see the hour glass underneath. I'm pretty sure I'm right tho.

  11. stephanie96818 73 months ago | reply

    I love spiders! I have an interesting story; When i was 10, I found a black widow at the house of my enemy *we were staying there due to unemployment* and so I dropped fly's, ants, whatever bugs I could catch, in the web every day. Then after a while I stopped seeing her in her web between some garden bricks. About a week later, I noticed baby spiders crawling out of the bricks. Don't get on my bad side ;)

  12. homesteadbound 41 months ago | reply

    I used this photo in an article about spiders:
    Thanks for making a great photo available.

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