Sonora Borealis

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    This highly unusual cloud formation was likely formed from the exhaust of a rocket launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Southern California roughly an hour before this capture. The photo was taken from a mountain ridge near Tucson, AZ.

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    1. picma 92 months ago | reply


    2. Nuss 90 months ago | reply

      Wow, that is so... wow!

    3. cord1964 90 months ago | reply

      Had to come back for another look and love it again!

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    4. JK> 90 months ago | reply

      I saw this in A Big Fave

      That is so cool....

    5. MÔÔNÇhyld [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot!

    6. makeupanid 90 months ago | reply

      That is amazing! I love it-beautiful!

      I saw this in A Big FaveA Big Fave

    7. wolfsong1 89 months ago | reply

      When I lived in So. Calif. I used to see these sometimes,but not with this much color.I didn't realize they could be seen this far away.This is a very unusual and lucky image.Well done!

    8. VJ Spectra 84 months ago | reply

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    9. touchingthelight 81 months ago | reply

      Quite an amazing effect.

    10. zxgirl 79 months ago | reply

      Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

    11. lena_f 77 months ago | reply

      wow.... great shot and wonderful design by mother nature.

    12. Ivo D. 72 months ago | reply

      Fantastic light!

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    13. Yug_and_her 71 months ago | reply

      Very interesting...!

    14. ecphotographic 63 months ago | reply

      this picture is so cool, i just cursed!
      great exposure...

    15. Audiotribe 62 months ago | reply

      Amazing nature... beautiful shades! Great shot sir ;)

    16. Photos_by_Jackie 43 months ago | reply

      your photos are amazing! truly amazing.

    17. roslin999 27 months ago | reply

      This caught my eye and it reminded me of a similar type of event I witnessed.
      I did take some photos, although I did not have a great camera at the time..
      Like you, day light had passed, total darkness, in the Ardnamurchan peninsula, Scotland.
      Suddenly 360% there was light all around. Then I noticed it was full of colour?
      Being right next to the sea loch this also echoed the colours.
      At first I thought it was Aurora Borealis, pinks, violet, yellow orange, it seemed to change colour.
      The phenomena lasted around ten minutes. Someone I knew appeared and I also managed to get a photo of them. It then disappeared into darkness again.
      I was describing this event to an islander on south Uist, Scotland.
      Who explained it as sunlight trapped in the clouds, the clouds moved and released the trapped sunlight, being dark this illuminated the surrounding area for this 10 minutes.
      It was a spectacular site, one I will never forget.
      Glad I saw this photo seems to be the same type of effect and pattern of events, shortly after dusk.

    18. TheDaveWalker 11 months ago | reply

      Another photographer, slightly different vantage point?

    19. roslin999 11 months ago | reply

      Thanks beautiful and good to have an idea what cause was.

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