Connemara Isles Golf Club
Connemara Isles Golf Club, Annaghvaan (Eanach Mheáin), Lettermore​, Galway.
It cost me €12 for one of the best days golfing experience in long and many a day. It surprises me that there is so little mention of this course on the Internet. Those few reviewers have rightfully pointed up the challenges and uniqueness of this far-away course. I hope that some of these images will serve to 'spread the word', if I can be excused for mixing my metaphors! Bring plenty of balls, especially if the wind blows -- always so much more fun! Obviously a bright sunny day is to be preferred . . . you might need Divine intervention there.

This is an absolutely cracking 9-hole golf course. Great location, very interesting (challenging) holes, good condition, very friendly and obliging people. Great price, for a full day's play during the week . . . until you run out of balls! Welcoming re-hydration afterwards. Certainly a course to add to the 'Must Play' list, and worthy of recommending to all your friends. Make the effort if you're anywhere adjacent in the Connemara region. You won't be disappointed. I hope these few images give some flavour of the challenges of the course. Mind you, Glorious sunshine and a steady breeze are not to be expected as a matter of right. Remember, this is The West! FORE . . .

This course, and this location, now feature as part of 'The Wild Atlantic Way'.

This course also features in the excellent film/TV-series 'From Tee To Green': The Story Of Irish Golf,mnarrtated by our very own Aidan Quinn.
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