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Shelby 09-01-07, age 13 | by Peachhead (5,000,000 views!)
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Shelby 09-01-07, age 13

This is my little buddy Shelby. He will be 14 on January 25th, 2008. He is about 17 lbs, knee high at his withers and a mix of a West Highland Terrier and Apricot Poodle. I had absolutely no intention of getting a dog......In Sept of '94 I did the Berks County Humane Society Walk a Thon. On my way back to the car I passed the dog kennels. This small fluffy dog locked eyes with me. I thought, "cute dog, but I don't want a dog." .... Yeah, right..... I didn't eat or sleep for a day and a half and Monday morning I was sitting on the Humane Society steps waiting for them to open so I could get this dog and he has been my constant loyal companion ever since!!! I guess you could say that he chose me!! [[ R.I.P. Shelby---He died peacefully in my arms of old age-15 yrs- on 6 Feb 2009]].

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Taken on September 1, 2007