Kelly Butte Reservoir Project
On September 5, 2012, the Portland City Council voted to move forward with the Portland Water Bureau’s plan to replace the 10-million-gallon above ground steel tank atop Kelly Butte in southeast Portland with a 25-million-gallon underground reservoir. The project will allow Portland to comply with federal rules that will lead to the three Mount Tabor open reservoirs being disconnected from the city’s water system. Total project cost is estimated at $90 million.

Kelly Butte is a forested hill near the intersection of SE Powell Boulevard and Interstate 205 freeway. The 10-million-gallon water storage tank was placed on top of Kelly Butte in 1969. The Kelly Butte Storage Improvement Project will replace the steel tank with a new buried 25 million gallon reinforced concrete reservoir. The project is being constructed by the Portland Water Bureau to meet stricter rules required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that require the city to disconnect its five open reservoirs in Mount Tabor Park by 2015 and Washington Park by 2020.

The new reservoir will be in the same general location, but will have a larger footprint, approximately 400 x 300 feet in dimension. However, the larger replacement tank will be located underground. There will be a need for additional or upgraded piping to the new reservoir.

The contract for the construction project has been awarded to Hoffman Construction Company of Oregon.

For information about this project, contact Tim Hall Public Information, at (503) 823-6926 or (503) 381-0056. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as the Portland Water Bureau works to improve the city’s century old water system.

Updates and additional details regarding this construction project will be posted online at:
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