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Pleasing Lacewing

Yeehaw!!! is all I can say. This is a rarely seen critter, a Pleasing Lacewing, family Dilaridae, species Nallachius americanus--the only one in Eastern North America. The family is Listed as "rare" in any references that mention it. However, Dr. John Oswald (in BugGuide comments) says they can be found at lights in "moist wooded areas with lots of dead wood"--exactly the habitat in which this one was found.

There were two of these at a light trap set up by graduate students from Duke University as part of a field trip. We had thought it was a moth, but one of the students voiced the opinion that it was a neuopteran. I got good photos of this one, and managed to photograph the other one (both males, with the pectinate antennae) against a scale. Wingspan was 7 mm, body length 3 mm (without antennae). See BugGuide for more information.


Now the title illustration for the Tree of Life page on Dilaridae.



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Taken on August 25, 2007