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The Milky Way Galaxy before moonrise | by Computer Science Geek
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The Milky Way Galaxy before moonrise

Part of my Utatan Personal Project series.


It would seem that the intellectual shift to a heliocentric vision of the Cosmos might diminish our importance. No longer does the "world revolve around you," we are told as we move from childhood to adulthood. We are but mere motes on a speck of dust revolving around an ordinary star 27,000 light years from the centre of our own galaxy.


Now, being on the periphery isn't such a bad thing. From our vantage point we can examine the vastness of the Cosmos and wonder if there are others "out there." Perhaps one day the people of this planet will come to the realization that despite our petty differences, our vanities, our diverse hopes and dreams, we all share the fact that we are fundamentally human beings, the conscious life of this shared planet.


And maybe we will be awed by the idea that we are also connected to the Cosmos, for the laws of physics apply equally here on this planet as it does in a different part of the universe. We are literally star stuff, Carl Sagan quipped, as the basic atomic elements that make up our bodies are present everywhere in the universe.


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Taken on July 5, 2007