2012 PCC Olympics
The PCC Men's Resource Center held the "PCC Olympics" Sept. 12 to give students a chance to showcase their talents outside the classroom.

The top two finishers in five individual categories received medals crafted by the PCC machining program.

They were: Marcus Staton (2nd place - Pushups/Situps), Cameron Biddlecome (1st place - Pushups/Situps, 2nd place - 100m Race), Joshua Edmonds (2nd place - Pudding-Eating Competition), Arlena Chance (1st place - Pudding-Eating Competition), Brandon Lacy (2nd place - Limbo), Chris Ellerbe (1st place - Football Toss, 1st place - 100m Race, 1st place - Limbo) and Ryan Rouse (2nd place - Football Toss).
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