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These hand tinted lantern slides by the renowned photographic studio of T. Enami of Yokohama, Japan were manufactured in the late 1920's. We now know that some of these images were in fact taken some time prior to this date, in some cases as early as c.1897-98.

We believe a New Zealand Missionary purchased these slides either in Japan or China prior to returning home where they sat neglected in the Presbyterian Church Missions Committee lantern slide collection for almost 60 years. This in fact ensured that they were little used - if at all - and thus suffered extremely minimal transit or handling damage, a couple of slides only bearing cracked glass.

The photographic studios of T. Enami in Yokohama Japan were renowned for the manufacture of exquisitely hand-tinted 'magic' Lantern slides. Although not always apparent, one must remember that all the images were of necessity photographed in black and white then laboriously hand tinted. Although the initial black and white slides were copied in some number, the subsequent hand-tinting has made each one slightly different, and therefore each slide is now a unique work of art. All the coloured cherry blossoms and wisteria flowers have each been painstakingly applied using very fine paint brushes, often no more than a hair's width. The skill and artistic ability exhibited by these hand tinted slides is quite outstanding and by far the best of all the tinted lantern slides in our collections.

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