Little Bushie Nutty Bars

George's favorite snack. Can you figure out why?


It's because Little Debbie is a non-union shop operating out of Tennessee. Hostess Twinkies are or were made by American Union workers earning what should be a decent salary. People like George W. Bush don't like Americans earning a decent wage at the expense of billionaire CEOs.

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  • Fletcher Gravy 7y

    cuz he and Jeff Gannon used to use them to . . .

    better not go any further with that story

    W looks good in that hat!
  • ⓅⒶⓎⓅⒶⓊⓁ 7y

    Yipes! What would Laura say?
  • Clyde Robinson 7y

    At first I didn't see what was going on with this package and then I enlarged the image and saw who's wearing the hat...
  • Conor Ryan 7y

    Poor jerk. I can't believe I'm beginning to feel sorry for the ass-hole. What he has signed his name to, and America's, too. Lest we forget: half a million dead Iraqis; thousands of dead Americans and Brits, and others; and countless physically and mentally maimed people.

    Great Goddess in the sky, I've made many mistakes but none I'll have to live with like ole' shrub-er-roo. Vacuous jerk will never even realize it. This is on the level of a Greek tragedy. Whew!!
  • William Quatman 7y

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    While you're there, we'd love to have you join us at:
  • Terri 7y

    Another version of America takes it up the butt
  • lsdinaz 7y

    Ha ha!
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