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the real face of scientology

I was walking along Hollywood Boulevard today and came across one of their little prostelytizing stations where they administer "stress tests" to whatever sucker cares to try.


I started snapping pictures of the procedure when this cult lackey came over and started getting in my face. At one point she actually grabbed my camera. I mentioned that this was a public sidewalk and that touching me was assault. It was at this point that she gave me the finger(s).


Her coworker?/supervisor?/fellow clam? came over and pretended like he had something to tell her to get her away from me. Seems like she has a long way to go to eliminate stress (otherwise known as the "Body Thetans" in Scientology lingo) from her life.


Fuck these people and their sci-fi mumbo jumbo. Fuck celebrity endorsers. Fuck all pyramid schemes and all the Scientology front companies. Especially the "Citizens Commission on Human Rights." This, despite the fact that Hubbard had himself a little psychiatric drug problem and stole a bunch of his "philosophy" from early 20th century crackpot psychiatric ideas.


I'm sorry to post this to a million groups, but everyone should be aware of these dangerous and litigious fruitcakes. Plus it just happened like 30 minutes ago and I'm still pretty jazzed up about it. The entire way home I was watching to see if I was being followed.


Clam, by the way, is a pejorative term for an L Ron Hubbard follower (ronbot), as he once wrote that humans were descended from clams.


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Taken on January 15, 2006