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Nuclear Separation - Burnham-On-Sea Sunset

Please view on Black, much much better!!


This shot was taken at the lighthouse at Burnham-On-Sea with a sunset that I thought never be anything remotely decent for most of the time.


So on the day I took this shot I was going to be heading back to Plymouth for my final term of my second year and decided that I would once again call of somewhere. So I chose this quirky lighthouse which despite being in the wrong direction for Plymouth actually only added a small distance to the journey because of a nicely placed motorway. Anyway there was mixed weather forecast reports and it had been quite changable day in terms of weather with most of the day being taken over by rain clouds.


None the less I decided I would chance it on there being a good sunset and shortly before I left there was some nice sunshine, this wasn't to last though. As I drove to Burnham-On-Sea the rain started to come down, pretty heavy at points and I was starting to feel like I had wasted my time heading for this place. As I got pretty near to my destination I got caught in a traffic jam as some more rain came down. Oh dear, this was not going well at all!


Anyway thankfully the jam wasn't too big and I was soon in Burnham-On-Sea and thankfully the rain had stopped but there was still lots of cloud cover, not good. I managed to park for free after I had spotted a small path leading to the beach on Google Earth that would take me straight out to the lighthouse. So some nice prior planning there had saved me time and a few pennies but then as I walked onto the beach I was smacked in the face by some pretty strong winds and lower than expected tides (it was meant to high tide at this point). As I looked both ways on the beach it didn't look great, well to be honest it looked rubbish. But this lighthouse was pretty unique at least.


Anyway I set up my tripod and stuck my camera on it and fired of some frames, nothing special, still to much cloud. However as the sun started to fall things soon quickly changed. I was about to reap the rewards of my efforts. Mother nature was going to give me a chance to get the shot I wanted. Now the wind, that was making my tripod legs vibrate, was starting to play into my hand, fast moving clouds would be perfect for some long exposure work. So I stuck on my Sony 18-55mm, screwed on the fantastic B+W ND110 filter and took a couple of shots. I wasn't too happy with the composition and then I had an idea, to get my shot with the lighthouse being pretty small against a massive colourful sky. So I ran across the beach to a nice vantage point and fired some shots here, without even calculating the exposure time (not the best idea for LE work). Thankfully they were both exposed correctly. As the sun came down I grabbed some more shots but none I liked more than this.


So, despite the rain, the traffic jam, the low tide, the high winds (sort of), the bland and kind of ugly beach (sorry if you like it!) I managed to get the shot I was delighted with.


Phew! Big description done, congrats if you read all of that malarkey!


Oh and its called Nuclear Separation because you can see Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station and then the separation of the sun and lighthouse. Nuclear Power = Fission = Splitting atoms = Splitting/Separating the lighthouse and sun. Sorry bit lame but I kinda liked it haha.


Technical Details:

Shutter Speed: 77 seconds

Aperture: F16

ISO: 100

Focal Length: 24mm

Filters: Hitech 0.6 Soft Grad + B+W ND110 (much better than the Hitech Pro 10 Stop!!)

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Taken on April 22, 2012