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Victorian Pier

So another B&W shot for you from Teignmouth and eventually one with the Victorian pier in it. Also its another shot that doesn't really seem to have a Horizion, its not that I don't like horizions or anything but it was very foggy when I was taking these shots which only left a very faint horizion and no cloud movement or anything (actually if you look carefully enough you can see the horizon).


I have also managed to break the law of phyiscs with this shot, well sort of. You see I have a camera with a 14 MP sensor yet the orginial size of this photo is 22 MP. This picture is not made up of stitched couple of photos or anything its just a single shot. So how did I do it? Some of you may have guessed how its done and thats by using the content aware and clone stamp tool in photoshop. Seeing as the sky was simply just plain white from the fog it wasn't too much of a chanllenge for the content aware to produce near plain white pixels but I mainly did it because I wanted a square crop with the pier in the bottom left of the photo. Some may say I created something that wasn't there or whatever but that in this case would be a silly arguement as all I could see was plain fog in front of me without a wide enough lens to fit everything in.


Anyway I hope you enjoy this shot, possibly one more B&W photo to come and then back to the colours!


Technical Details:

Seem to have lost all the exif data :( All I can remember is using a Hitech Pro 10 stopper


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Taken on March 11, 2012