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The people who inspire me.

(You can get your own view by visiting this page.)

Violentz, Colin Angus Mackay, RobW_, and 12 other people added this photo to their favorites.

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  1. Different [deleted] 110 months ago | reply

    I love that too!

  2. KitschKat 110 months ago | reply

    WOW!!!!!! Nice!!!!!

  3. slight clutter 110 months ago | reply

    Great to see all of your flickr friends in one spot!

    (...I knew I should have written you back sooner...I knew I should have written you back sooner...relegated to fourth avalanche of tears, my friend...)

    --hee-hee ;o)

  4. Jane_W [deleted] 110 months ago | reply

    Ha! This is fun! It took me a while to find myself but I got there!

  5. Bonnie BonBon 110 months ago | reply

    I found myself! Great to be part of this. Please visit mine:

  6. Juan Coloma 110 months ago | reply

    estoy en uno de esos!!..
    que estes bien

  7. mrfranz 110 months ago | reply

    Whoo, found myself! Ok, my icon makes it pretty easy, but still. :)

  8. Paul Watson 110 months ago | reply

    Crikey, I thought I had somehow slipped into Fubiki's photostream with the explosion of notes and comments on this image. Thanks for making the image even more special :)

    And my dear Clutter; diamond in the rough, diamond in the rough.

  9. eye2eye 110 months ago | reply

    I'm honored to see myself here, even if I was only 9 at the time! Very cool.

  10. Osvaldo 110 months ago | reply

    Its allways an honor to find oneself in someone elses contact list; especially when its someone whos photographs teach you something new everyday.

  11. Katie Poole 110 months ago | reply

    You always have some of the best ideas. This is wonderful and I am glad you left the link so we could see ours for ourselves.

  12. Sergio Alves [deleted] 110 months ago | reply

    Thank you for having me there.

  13. hanni 110 months ago | reply

    Please could you add this to Faces of Flickr?
    Feel free to delete this comment afterwards.

  14. somasoma 110 months ago | reply

    Paul: so simple & bright. :)

  15. Claudine 110 months ago | reply

    so cool! thanks for the tip, paul!

  16. VonCanon 110 months ago | reply

    Hahahaha... Look at Violentz's note. (Bottom left corner.)

  17. kwo 110 months ago | reply

    Another original idea. I'm honoured.

  18. iBoommarketing 56 months ago | reply

    Beautiful work!

  19. Meylah 50 months ago | reply

    Thank you for sharing via creative commons...we used it on our blog at Meylah.

    Thanks again,

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