Bring Back Naptime

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    1. luxuryluke ages ago | reply

      yer such a liitle boy.
      just like me.

    2. KrAzY KorY ages ago | reply

      I've experienced more naptime in college than any other time during my earlier years of schooling.

    3. zamwi ages ago | reply

      college has brought back naptime for me...hooray pzizz!

    4. Shpigford ages ago | reply

      Now if only Paul could change the iSight settings to actually take pictures that aren't mirrored. :)

    5. Paul Stamatiou ages ago | reply

      you can change that in settings?!!?

    6. cdevroe ages ago | reply


    7. Bryan Villarin ages ago | reply

      Haha @ Paul

      I so want this shirt now - please vote for XL to get reprinted!

    8. bellmor ages ago | reply

      Naps are awesome, until you sleep thru half of the TA's office hours you wanted to go to.

    9. BPinard ages ago | reply


      Edit> Auto flip new photos

    10. Paul Stamatiou ages ago | reply

      thanks brian

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