All rats face the southwest

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    Here are: Charlie the cat looking at and listening to (clockwise from the white rat): Jadis the Ice Queen of Narnia, Y2K (Yersinia the second of Kathryn), Moonshine, and Portabella. When I got my rats I initially took the only two "crawlers" (Port and Moonshine)... then after getting our larger cage I wanted to fill in the group with two more rats that were different hues of rat.

    Note: All of the rats in this picture have since passed on to the little ratnest in the sky. At two year of age they all got different forms of cancer and died. It was very, very sad, but I think I'm almost ready for more!

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    1. Paulinacha Loves Sriracha 75 months ago | reply

      Aw, thank you so much!

    2. reflections eternal 72 months ago | reply

      how did you get them to behave during the bath!

    3. Paulinacha Loves Sriracha 72 months ago | reply

      Thanks Justin!

      reflections eternal, they almost always hung out in the shallow end and it was just luck that they happened to be facing the same way. As far as getting them to like the water, 2 of them really loved the water, one of them was okay with it, and the other (Yersinia) who happened to have a balance problem, never liked it, but she was okay as long as she could lean one her "sisters", so I just made sure that there was someplace in the tub that she and the rest of them could hang out on that was shallow and allowed for all of them to fit on the space... sometimes I put a couple of bricks in so that they would be more likely to swim because the point of the bath, for me, was for them to get clean. I never soaped them up, I just allowed the water to cleanse them. Moonshine, Yersinia, and Portabella liked to swim a lot and sometimes would chase toys in the water.

    4. bootsartemis 71 months ago | reply

      Drinking in not only the great photo, like a moment out of the Iliad or the Odyssey, but the wonderful names.

    5. Paulinacha Loves Sriracha 71 months ago | reply

      MewBot... thanks for the heads up!

      Bootsaremis: Heh heh! Glad you like them!

    6. Majestic Dragon Ranch 70 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Rats n' rodents, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    7. ~ Deleted Account~ [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

      Jaw Dropper!

      50+ Favorites: Cats

    8. gя!zℓєє ♥ 67 months ago | reply

      LOL. . this is so cute

    9. Paulinacha Loves Sriracha 67 months ago | reply

      Thank you! Gracias! Obrigada! Grazie! Dank u! Merci! Danke! Σας ευχαριστούμε! ありがとう! 당신을 감사하십시오! Вы! 谢谢! (And that's all babelfish has...)

    10. hasersys 66 months ago | reply

      Wow, I just did a random search of rats and came upon this. Me and my gf have also just added 2 new rats to our group. Now we have 4 as well. We had them all in the tub just like this today. They make good pets nice pic.. love the cat just hanging out.

    11. Paulinacha Loves Sriracha 66 months ago | reply

      Hey, Hasersys! I don't have rats anymore, but the cage stands vacant in my living room waiting for the day that I can afford to take care of more. I really loved my girls, and I, at least, really liked bathing them (some of the THEM didn't like it all that much). Give your ratties scritches from me!

    12. dear heather, 66 months ago | reply

      aaawwww sssooooo cute i have always wanted rats!!!

    13. Paulinacha Loves Sriracha 66 months ago | reply

      Thanks again, Dear Heather! I miss my girls! These guys died over a year ago, and I haven't felt like I can get more until someone in the house finds a job. I was also thinking of getting males this time, but only two of them, I think. They're very good pets, and if you spend enough time with them they can be really ,really great pets. They have a lot of personality.

    14. emma.lee' 63 months ago | reply

      Awh your ratties were gorgeous! And what a funny shot, I love the way Charlie is just like "what the hell?". Such a cute shot.

    15. Paulinacha Loves Sriracha 61 months ago | reply

      Heh heh! Thanks, Emma! Charlie almost always has that "what the hell" look on her face! Charlie is the biggest instigator in our household!! I'll tell you, that spraying is getting very old!

    16. amiressy 60 months ago | reply

      awesome photo My rats are in this conercial
      I love them.

    17. Paulinacha Loves Sriracha 59 months ago | reply

      LOL! Thanks for sharing, Amir, I really enjoyed it!

    18. zobeide83 54 months ago | reply

      So funny!!!!

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